• Railroad Vegetation Management -

    Environmentally Safe Weed and Brush Control methods utilizing various types of Mechanical and Herbicide Applications

  • Railroad Pole Line Removal and Disposal -

    Hyrail and Off Track equipment designed for removal of out of service communication wire and poles

  • Railroad Tree Trimming and Clearance -

    Off Track and Hyrail Tree Trimming for Line of Sight issues and Encroaching brush including Line Clearance for Communication and Over-head Catenary systems.

  • Railroad Crossing Vegetation Cutting and Maintenance -

    Tree, Brush, and Weed Clearing including Herbicide Maintenance for Clear Line of Sight and promote the growth of desirable grasses.

  • Railroad On/Off Track Weed and Brush Spray -

    Herbicide Brush and Weed control for RR Roadbed, Branchlines, Rail Yards and Off track applications for storage areas.

  • On and off track brush cutting
  • Tree and brush cutting under pole line
  • Tree, brush, and weed cutting at crossings
  • On and off track weed and brush spray
  • Right of way maintenance
  • Tie pickup and disposal
  • Culvert cleaning services
  • Labor only services to operate equipment
  • Emergency response tree, brush and debris removal
  • Land clearing
  • Vegetation management consulting
  • Environmental Remediation
  • Mitchell Rail Gear representative
  • Trash and debris pickup and removal
  • Graffiti remediation
  • Track take up and construction
  • Signal design and construction
  • Undercutting, yard cleaning, and shoulder cleaning
  • Hi-rail vacuum truck services
  • Ditching services
  • Hi-rail equipment rental with operators
  • Railroad labor services
  • Trucks and equipment rental services
  • Hi-rail equipment rental services
  • Hirail Graddall service or rental
  • Portec on track brush cutter service or rental